The First Unicorn

It was a moonlit night, with a strong breeze from the sea. The wind blew across the waves, over the craggy cliffs, through the grassy meadows and into the deep forest. In the ancient forest, the wind turned around and carried the sweet scents of new blossoms through meadows and as far as the shores of silver sand. The moonlight shone on the white flowers that hung from the trees like crystal bells.

Suddenly, there was a huge roar. It came from the sea; a large tide was coming in, rushing through the sand like whirling dancers. Sand, sea and air combine in a thunderous symphony, as if heralding something important to the world. After a long moment, the ominous music died down, and the air was filled with a sweet fragrance.

The moon shone with an ethereal glow as the tides crash against the lower rocks of the cliffs, making their way back to their watery domain. As the tides retreat, a lone creature’s body became visible. It laid idle for a long time in the cold moonlight, before struggling up on its feet.

It’s four long limbs, capped by silver hoofs, shook as it stood for the first time. Slowly it raised it’s head and looked around the world it just came into. The silver horn on its head gleamed in the moonlight as it let out a wild neigh and shook its flowing white manes.

The unicorn trotted across the gleaming sand; when it finally reached the meadows, it rear on its hind legs and then ran like the wind across the long grasses, disappearing into the deep forest….


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