Early Morning in the Woods

It was a sunny day outside. Rose looked through the opening that was her window climbed out of bed. Her hair was uncombed but still looked presentable. The thought of food brought a growl to her stomach. She remembered she has a stash some edibles somewhere nearby, but had to find it.

Moments later, she climbed down and noticed that the grass outside was covered with dewdrops. The sun was peeking out behind the clouds. It was early morning in the woods. Birds fluttered from branch to branch, the sounds of their chirping filled the air.

Rose finally came to the area where she stashed her food yesterday evening. She sniffed and inhaled the fresh air. It was going to be a good day. Then suddenly, Rose noticed something was off. The birds nearby had fell silent and disappeared under the thick branches of the trees.

Rose’s keen eyesight caught a movement on the ground, like a shadow it disappeared into the undergrowth. Was it a wolf? Rose tensed up, she was terrified of wolves. She turned and ran, the initial thoughts of breakfast was replaced by an unspeakable fear.

Suddenly Rose felt something sharp dig into her backside. What beast was attacking her? She turned her head and saw a blur of feathers and talons. It was a hawk! Rose struggled with all her might to free herself from the grip. She screamed in pain as the hawk’s claws dug into her and its sharp beaks peck at her face.

The terrible struggle went on for what seemed liked an eternity. The birds watch the entire show from a distance with fearful eyes. Then at the end, the hawk flapped its wings and pushed itself into the air. In the talons, Rose the squirrel’s bloody, limp body was seen hanging from the talons.

As they disappeared into the distance, after a moment of silence, the woods slowly came alive again, as hungry and fearful animals come out from their hidings to continue their normal morning routines.


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