It was in the middle of overgrown grass patch. Two beady eyes surveyed the blue sky and tall buildings surrounding it.

“Look!” A boy noticed something small and brown wiggling in the trash-filled parking lot next to an abandoned warehouse.

The small creature was the size of a baseball. It’s fur was matted and marked by streaks of dirt.

The boy brought it home in a red plastic bag he found on the ground.

They named it “Maddy”. Why that name nobody knows, but Maddy didn’t question it when he hungrily lap up the saucer of milk they placed in front of him.

“I have always wanted a pet. Now I found someone that I can play with,” the boy said happily.

Maddy grew after a few weeks. First, he (or she, we really don’t know for sure) went from the size of a baseball to the the size of a football. His fur turned darker. After a few months, he was as big as a German Shepard. Black spots speckled his grayish fur coat and his long tail swished around.

One day the boy was busy with school and forgot to feed Maddy. That night, his parents came home to a horrible scene. The house looked like it has been ransacked by some burglar. The furniture were all ripped open, the closets and shelves were emptied of their contents.

Their son heard them come in the front door and ran over in a panic. “Maddy has gone crazy! He is destroying everything.”

All three of them went to the kitchen where they found Maddy growling and chewing on the refrigerator door.

“Bad Maddy!” The father shouted angrily, “Stop what you are doing at once!”

Maddy turned his head at the man, his sharp canine teeth visible from his half opened mouth. Suddenly, he jumped at the father, knocking the grown man down.

The mother and son shouted and tried to get Maddy off. But they found that they were no match for the wild animal.

Police sirens and the wail of ambulance filled the air as neighbors look out from their windows. The father was put on a white stretcher and carried into the back of the ambulance while the mother and son sobbed uncontrollably as the police sergeant tried to console them.

Soon the local animal control officers showed up. They walked through the narrow corridors to the apartment. Upon opening it, they found the wrecked interiors devoid of any signs of Maddy.

Nobody knows where Maddy went after that day. An extensive neighborhood search, which ended after several weeks of turning every nook and cranny of the urban neighborhood upside down, had yielded no clues.

But if you ever felt as if someone or something was watching you when walking through the streets at dark, you should definitely beware. Perhaps it is Maddy, hiding in the shadows, surveying you with his beady eyes.


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