The House by the Sea

Long ago, on a cliff by the sea, where waves wash over the warm, white sands and the sun shines in the blue sky and over the crystal clear waters, there was a house.

The history of this house by the sea was shrouded in mystery. It was rumored that a wealthy foreign tycoon bought the land and built a beachfront retreat in the 19th century. As he got older and less inclined to travel, he then sold it to a new owner, who made extensive renovations.

As time passed by, the house became more and more empty, finally it stood abandoned, surrounded by overgrown grass and its once-white walls were teeming with ivy.

It was a sunny Saturday when Laura and her family, who had returned from overseas, went looking for real estate. After seeing dozens of houses over the past week or so, they finally arrived at the house by the sea.

“Very nice ocean view here,” the real estate agent said, “Lots of potential.”

“How old is this house?” asked Laura. She looked out at the ocean, admiring the azure sky and green-blue waters.

The agent checked her booklet. “It says here that this place was renovated in 1971.”

“That is a little old,” Laura said dubiously, “There might be problems with the plumbings and asbestos…”

“What’s the price?” Her husband cut in, he liked the view.

“Listed at $256,900. I can talk to the owner to see if he is willing to negotiate,” the agent said.

“Our price range is from $180,000 to $220,000. This is a little above our budget. If the owner would lower the price, then we are willing to consider it,” Laura nodded as a signal for the agent to add this to the list of houses that they would think about buying.

A few months passed by before Laura would step into the house by the sea again. There was a northeastern wind blowing and the billowing clouds were grey. But the ocean waves rose and fell as in symphony, lulling the mind and calming the senses.

The owner had agreed to lower the price to $210,000, provided that Laura would pay the inspection, sales commission and other fees associated with the sale. Laura could not forget the day when she first saw the house, she knew it was the place that she had always dreamed of, but didn’t want to appear too eager as to hurt her hand in negotiating.

As soon as the ink had dried on the sales contract, Laura and her family sprang into action in getting the house renovated. Walls were knocked down, lofty balconies and gleaming glass windows were added. Trees were planted, fencing was installed.

In the end, the house stood out again on the cliff, its clear windows shining brightly in the sun, its white walls freshly painted.

“Look Mommy!” Laura’s 7 year-old daughter exclaimed in delight, “A rainbow!”

A rainbow had appeared in the sky over the house, making it appear like a palace from a fairy tale.

Laura smiled, it was just exactly what she had seen in her dreams from childhood. She had found her home.


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